Passive electronic components examples:

  • Fixed, variable and trimmer resistors have different dissipation rating
  • Different types of capacitors (ceramic and tantalum)
  • Low-current electromagnetic Armature relays, Low-current electromagnetic Reed relays, Static Time relays, Static Non-contact relays (solid-state relays)
  • Inductance, transformers and chokes
  • Rectangular connectors, Cylindrical connectors 

Active electronic components examples:

  • Low, medium and high power bipolar transistors n-p-n and p-n-p types with UСЕR up to 700 volts, IC = 30A
  • Darlington composite bipolar transistors, n-p-n and p-n-p type with USER to 500 volts, IC = 25A
  • Thyristors with currents from 10A to 100A and voltages up to 1600 volts in plastic casing
  • Rectifier diodes with currents up to 100A and voltages up to 1600 volts in plastic casing
  • Power modules in housings SOT- 227 (thyristor-thyristor, diode half-bridge, bridges, thyristor-diode)
  • Linear voltage regulators chips
  • Switching power supply control chips
  • Specialized chips for automotive electronics

Quality control:

Produced electronic components meet all the required standards. They are highly competitive with foreign analogs.

Quality Control Departments provide control service for all manufacturers. Special test equipment and original control methods are used on during testing, diagnostic and acceptance inspection. The quality management system at the enterprise meets the requirements of standard ISO.