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What We Offer Our Asian Partner

  • Wide Russian Hi-Rel Electronic Components products range (capacitors, relays, connectors ... )
  • The optimal combination of price and quality of the supplied original products
  • Warranty on all products from manufacturers and providing Quality Control Department certificates (ISO, OTK Certificates ...)
  • To deal with Russian customs authorities (customs, clearance, duties, taxes)
  • Export licensing and providing effective supply chains for delivering from Russia
  • Original Data Sheets from manufacturers
  • Data sheets translation in to English
  • Each class of electronic components presentation development in English
  • Operative selection of required electronic components to meet your needs
  • Technical documents preparation for tenders within 10 - 15 days
  • Clear and well-defined (structured) marketing and sales policies

What We Expect from Asian Partner

  • To promote Russian Electronic Components (exhibitions, seminars, technical publications, customer meetings, etc.)
  • To focus on suggested Hi-Rel Russian Electronic Components (capacitors, relays, connectors ...)
  • To provide technical consultations for End-Users by using «Industrial Metrology» Co. LTD offered Data Sheets and other technical information
  • To organize tenders in cooperation with End-Users for Russian Electronic Components 
  • To provide reporting by results of promotion and expecting tenders
  • Clear and well-defined (structured) marketing and sales policies
  • Special employee for cooperation with «Industrial Metrology» Co. LTD

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