"PetroEnergoResursy" Co. LTD  is in Group of companies EN4TEL.  


197342, 8, Krasnogvardeyskiy pereulok, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Telephone +7 812 438 16 22

Telephone/fax +7 812 438 10 93 


  • Carrying out thermovision diagnostics of electric equipment
  • Definition of a place of damage on cable lines
  • Carrying out tests and measurements of characteristics of power transformers up to 330 kV
  • Adjustment of devices of relay protection 6, 10, 35, 110 kV
  • Carrying out tests of power cable lines by the low and higher than 1000 V voltage
  • Search of Places of Damage power cable
  • Measurement of resistance of the isolation, grounding devices, demountable or screw connections, autotransformers, oil and grounding reactors
  • Chain verification between the grounded installations and elements of the grounded installation
  • Check of automatic shutdown of a food by measurement of full resistance of a loop "phase zero",
  • Measurement of characteristics and test: DC machine, AC electric motors, oil or vacuum and gas-insulated switches
  • Check of operation of the device of protective shutdown (DPS).
  • Check of action maximum current relay protection
  • Supply of equipment for definition of places of damages of underground communications and means of nondestructive control